Casa Grande

| 114 min
| Dutch English French German

17-year-old Jean, a white Brazilian teenager from a wealthy background, is forced to leave his privileged cocoon when his family's wealth and status begin to crumble. The son of Hugo , former hedge fund manager, and his wife Sonia, Jean seems to have a perfect life, with a housekeeper, maid, and driver to take care of his needs. After Hugo's company runs into financial difficulties, Jean is forced to take the bus to school, and is confronted with the realities of the less privileged life represented by his lover Luiza. Fellipe Barbosa's semi-autobiographical feature debut stars young people with no acting experience alongside soap opera stars. The film is a direct allusion to Gilberto Freyre's classic 1933 text 'Casa Grande e Senzala', known in English as "The Masters and the Slaves".