Open Door

| 77 min
| Dutch English French German

To fool their conservative father, sisters Rudina and Elma look for a man to act as Elma's husband so they can take him to the homecoming dance. Rudina makes sacrifices for her son, her absentee husband, and his parents. When her younger sister returns from Italy pregnant, the two go looking for a surrogate husband. "OPEN DOOR is a poignant and insightful road movie, a portrait of a conservative, male-dominated society juxtaposed with female solidarity and a relentless desire for change, with mesmerizing performances by Luli Bitri and Jonida Vokshi." ( "The sisters in my story take on a lot to please their father and put themselves in danger in the process. For me, this absurdity perfectly captures the terrible, tragic and sometimes humorous social landscape that characterizes Albania in the last twenty years." (Director's Commentary)