| 89 min
| Dutch English French German

The film follows the story of Bruno, played by Sandi Pavlin, who constantly craves for Duša, played by veteran actress Silva Čušin, only to forget her after each encounter. The two develop certain sentiments for each other and argue like couples do, but often have to start over again, as if they met for the first time. Director Miroslav Mandić approaches the subject of dementia with a gentle, humane cinematic treatment, avoiding the exploitative and insensitive approaches commonly seen in cinema. He focuses on Bruno's internalized suffering, portrayed through heart-breaking details, like the fact that he repeatedly "learns" about his wife's and dog's deaths from his daughter. The finely tuned acting by the leading couple and the rest of the cast fills the film with emotion, while Mandić proves himself to be a master of visual storytelling. Sanremo challenges the conventional cinematic portrayals of dementia and offers a unique perspective on love and romance in a challenging environment.