Songs for a Fox

Sci-Fi & Fantasie
| 125 min
| Dutch English French German

In this magical fantasy, heart-rending drama, rock singer Dainius studies the art of lucid dreaming and descends into a netherworld in hopes to be reunited with his lost lover. Living in an isolated dome-like structure in the woods and pursuing his desire, Dainius enlists the help of a local lad he discovers being exploited by moonshiners. The pan-Balctic co-production blurs the lines between dream and reality and mixes the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice with Lithuanian folklore, against the backdrop of a lethargic post-Soviet province. Director Kristijonas played and sang in the short-lived Lithuanian cult band 'Šiaurės kryptis', which split up after their first album in 1994. For the production of the surreal, dreamlike soundtrack he enlisted his old bandmate Zigmantas Butautis.